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Damien N. Parker is a Ph.D. graduate from The New School concentrating in finance and econometrics.

He has achieved an MA in Economics from the New School for Social Research, and an MBA in Finance and Economics at Baruch's Zicklin School of Business. 

Parker has contributed to the financial, real estate and investment communities of New York City.

His research interests include the dynamic behaviors of various financial instruments, income and wealth trends and the role of governmental policy in the U.S. and abroad.

Through a combination of awards, grants and specialized contracts, his research will continue to expand upon an analysis of trends in the net worth of various groups within the U.S. and abroad. This research will focus on developing empirics regarding issues of age, income sources and the composition of assets and debt held by various sub-populations within societies. The goal is to develop an understanding of the similarities and differences amongst groups and nations pursuing various capitalist systems of government.

Recent publications, research and analyses focus on: 

  • empirical validation of theoretical economic models regarding household wealth

  • applications of cross-disciplinary methodologies from data science to time-series modeling of financial instruments and multi-variate economic data analysis

  • computer algorithmic design for bandwidth selection of non-parametric kernel density estimation

  • implementation of statistical tests for robustness of both parametric and non-parametric model performance

  • developing original scripts in computer languages through which to examine quantitatively engineered multiply imputed data structures designed by modern central banks

  • expanding the utilization of both bayesian and frequentist approaches to contemporary, cutting-edge statistical inference  

  • utilizing computational advances for critical thinking regarding both the advantages and pitfalls of cross-country comparisons to advance the understanding of our world 


Monetary Policy and the Evolution of Wealth Disparity: An Assessment Using US Survey of Consumer Finance Data

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