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Damien N. Parker is a Quantitative Research Consultant and a PhD graduate from the New School for Social Research working in NYC and Palm Beach, FL.



The New School for Social Research

- Ph.D, Advanced Econometric Theory; Financial Economics, 2018


The New School for Social Research

- M.Phil., Advanced Econometric Theory; Financial Economics, 2017

The New School for Social Research, NY                                                                    

- MA, Quantitative Economics, 2015


Baruch College, Zicklin School of Business                                                 

- MBA,  Finance; Economics, 2010

Hampshire College, Five College Program                                                            

- BA, Music Theory, 2001

New York University                                                                                                

- General Studies, 1997                                                                                                                          

Collegiate High School

- Diploma, 1996                                                     


KROLL BOND RATING AGENCY (KBRA), New York, NY, Associate, Data Science and Quantitative Modeling, 2024 – Present

  • Time-series, credit risk modeling

KROLL BOND RATING AGENCY (KBRA), New York, NY, Senior Analyst, Data Science and Quantitative Modeling, 2022 – 2024

  • Time-series, credit risk modeling

THE NEW SCHOOL FOR SOCIAL RESEARCH (NSSR), New York, NY, Part-Time Faculty – Finance and Economics, 2022 – Present

  • Teaching graduate financial courses focused on the overlap between finance, time-series modeling and data science utilizing R, Tidy R & Python.  Models include SVAR, SARIMA, GARCH, OLS, GLM; Logistic Regression.

SAINT PETER'S UNIVERSITY, Jersey City, NJ, Adjunct Professor, 2019 - 2022​ 

  • Teaching Undergraduate Principles of Economics courses as well as Graduate level Master’s courses such as Advanced Microeconomics, Advanced Econometrics; Financial Modeling with an equal emphasis on both theory and application.  

  • Developing learning modules at both the Undergraduate and Graduate level and educating with regards to data analytics, quantitative coding/modeling in R, E-views, Excel and all relevant computer software.  


LYNN UNIVERSITY, Boca Raton, FL, Adjunct Professor, 2021​  - 2022

  • Teaching Graduate courses such as Business Modeling, Economics and Technology Applications in Excel.      

HEILBRONER CENTER FOR CAPITALISM STUDIES, The New School, New York, NY, Graduate Fellow & Research Assistant, 2017 - 2019​  

  • Statistical coding of central banking data from various nations for faculty and academic publishing regarding wealth accumulating behavior.  

  • Statistical coding of central banking data for academic publishing through the use of R, Python and SPSS.  

  • Quantitative coding and qualitative data analytics of aggregate balance sheet/cash flow analysis and visualizations of assets (stocks, bonds, real estate), debt holdings and incomes for trend identification and market forecasting.  

  • Exploratory data mining, querying (SQL) and making complex data useful and interpretable.  

  • Researching and analyzing Federal Reserve multiply imputed data for algorithmic coding and Bayesian Statistical modeling, i.e. parametric and non-parametric econometric and clustering models of wealth distributions and trends.  


THE NEW SCHOOL, New York, NY, Graduate Finance, Teaching Assistant, 2016

  • Teaching quantitative lab sessions on stochastic processes, Brownian motion, intertemporal modeling, stock and firm valuation methodologies, yield curve and derivatives pricing using MatLab, R and Excel. 

  • Teaching optimal portfolio and debt modeling (financial structure) of firms through advanced Excel functions, R and MatLab programming.  


BIELEFELD UNIVERSITY, Bielefeld, Germany, Research Assistant, 2016

  • Providing empirical results, validation and testing of theoretical financial markets models of inequality in the U.S. and Germany as well as running programmed simulations.  A cross-University research grant.


TOWN RESIDENTIAL/THOR EQUITIES, New York, NY, Chief Statistician, 2013 – 2015

  • ŸPublishing various analytical economic reports based on algorithmic and manual data cleaning. 

  • Internal data analysis as well as greater market data analytics; reporting on a monthly & quarterly basis. 

  • Created and managed an in-house research department in collaboration with marketing and IT.



  • Developing data analytics and research utilizing statistical methodologies and scripting in R, Python, SQL and MatLab for economic and financial publishing deliverables. 

  • Creating dashboard tools and economic market research reports for real estate firms. 

PILOT ADVISORS/PARADIGM LLC, New York, NY, Hedge Fund-Financial Analyst Intern, 2009

  • Analyzed company filings, i.e. 10-K, 10-Q, earnings reports, earnings conference calls; IPO due diligence. 

  • Built models, wrote fundamental analytical reports for bottom up long/short equity positions.     


- HEILBRONER CENTER FOR CAPITALISM STUDIES, New School for Social Research, Capitalism Symposium, 2017



- Casa 214 Condominium Association, Palm Beach, FL, Treasurer; Vice President, 2020 – Present
- Beta Sigma Gamma Honor Society, Baruch Zicklin School of Business         



Apple and PC OS, R programming, Python, SQL, LaTex, BibTex, Mathematica, MatLab, EViews, Jupyter Notebook, SPSS, Excel, Power Point, Word,

Bayesian Statistics, Parametric, Non-Parametric and Cluster Modeling.  


Undergraduate Courses:

EC-101 Macroeconomic Principles 

EC-102 Microeconomic Principles 

FN-410 Business Finance 

FN-411 Financial Management 


Graduate MS, MBA & PhD Courses:

EC-502 Advanced Microeconomics 

FN-504 Advanced Econometrics and Financial Modeling 

GECO-6269 Financial Economics 

GECO-6021 Financial Modeling 

MBA-601 Business Analytics and Modeling

MBA-511 Economics and Technology Applications 


Supplied upon request.  

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